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Florida Teacher Pages: Grade 5

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Key Concepts

The following are concepts that your students will run into over and over during the year. Understanding them is the key to understanding all of the other topics. I suggest that you introduce the concepts as early in the year as you can.

  • Atoms:
  • Energy:
  • States of Matter:

Teacher Pages

Since different districts approach the topics in different orders, I have organized the units in an order which flows smoothly and logically, but I have also tried to make the units modular, so that you can reorder them easily to fit your District's curriculum. If you run into questions or would like suggestions for adapting these units to your curriculum, please let me know.

Nature of Science

In 5th grade, students are exposed to many new concepts, especially in the Nature of Science. I suggest starting out with a quick introduction to these concepts at the start of the year if possible. That will make it easier to apply them repeatedly as you progress through the year.

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