Science Photo of the Day

I thought it was time to bring back the Science Photo of the Day. Enough time has passed that it won't matter if I accidentally repeat one of the old questions, and I have plenty of new photos to use.

If you are not familiar with the Science Photo of the Day, each day I will post a new photograph with a science question. The photos will be posted here and on my Happy Scientist Facebook page. The next day, I will post the answer, along with a new photo and question.

Some of the questions will be simple, while others may take quite a bit of research to answer. Subscribers are welcome to post your answer in the comments, but they will not appear on this site until I approve them (which cuts down on spam, off topic comments, etc.) If you are not a subscriber, you may post your answer on the Happy Scientist Facebook page.

Science Photo of the Day

New Science Photo of the Day: 17

Why is this helicopter carrying a mule deer?

New Science Photo of the Day: 16

For those of you who know me, this one will be easy, so don't spoil it for everyone else. What is the difference between taste and flavor?
(These are fresh apricots that I stewed, and ate on toast with cream cheese.)

New Science Photo of the Day: 15

This winter has been surprisingly mild and dry. Usually, by January we have already had temperatures well below 0°F, and have had rain and several snows. This winter, the temperatures have barely touched the single digits, with daytime temperatures in the 60s. Besides one brief sprinkle, we have not had rain or snow since September.

Is this an example of climate change?

New Science Photo of the Day: 14

Notice the rectangular pupil in this animal's eye. What kind of animal is this?

New Science Photo of the Day: 13
I photographed this duck today, on my way to town. It spends a lot of its time in deep water, but does not dive for food like other deep water ducks. How does it get its food?