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geologic time

Reading the Rocks

Grand Canyon

One of the fun parts of geology is learning to read rocks. I don't mean reading words that people have painted or carved on them. Instead, I mean examining the rocks, looking at their minerals, structures, position, fossils, and other things to discover what they can tell us about the history of the Earth.


In spite of my lingering vertigo, Nancy and I joined my sister and my niece for a quick trip to the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon cuts through many layers of rock, but the Coconino Sandstone is very different from the other layers. What makes it so different?

A New Fossil Site in Alabama

Junie Moon looking for fossils sites

On our trip home from Memphis, we took a new route across Alabama. We drove Hwy 78 to Birmingham, and then south on the interstate to Montgomery. From there, we took Hwy 231 south to I-10, and from there, it was a straight shot home. Very nice drive, with no bad traffic. They have extended Hwy 78, exposing some wonderful new road cuts. At the exit for Hwy 22, we stopped to look around.

Who Evolved on First?

Bud Abbott and Lou Costello

While I was writing this post, I heard that Bill Nye and Ken Ham are planning to have a debate about evolution and creation. While it could be an interesting conversation, I suspect that it will suffer from the same communication problems that afflict most of these debates.