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coiled snow structure
I photographed this snow structure on the drive home from the Utah Science Teachers Association conference. It is about six inches across, and there were many more of different sizes. How did it form?

Pine Cone Weather

Back in the dark ages, when I was in school, we used human hair to construct a hygrometer for measuring the humidity in the air. Since hair counts as "human tissue", many schools are not able to make hair hygrometers, but you can build a nice hygrometer using a pinecone instead of a hair.

To do this, you will need:

How Much Rain?

This week we were in Memphis, to help celebrate my grandmother's 104th birthday. My sister was in from California, and my brother was in town, and it was great fun visiting. I also went to lunch with some wonderful friends from the Memphis Pink Palace Museum. These are some of the folks that taught me how to teach science, and it is always a joy to visit with them.

For this experiment, we will measure some rain, and we will start by making a rain gauge.


Death Valley
While many parts of Death Valley are below sea level, there are places where the ground is exactly at sea level. If you compared a cubic foot of air at sea level in Death Valley with a cubic foot of air at sea level in Florida, would they weigh the same? If not, which would be denser, and why?