Faraday for the Holidays

Following a long personal tradition, December is the month that I re-read Michael Faraday's marvelous Chemical History of a Candle. This is a written version of his famous Christmas lectures for children, and his style and ease at explaining complex science to children always delights me. He presented other Christmas lectures, and they are all marvelous, but the Chemical History of a Candle series remains my favorite. You can read it online for free here:

Making a Screamer

It has been a while since I did one of the noisy, annoying sound experiments which kids love and parents hate. Just keep in mind, that it is all in the interest of science.

You will need:

- a piece of paper about one inch wide and about 5 inches long.
- scissors

Fireworks Colors

Fireworks play a role in many holidays and celebrations. Have you ever wondered how they get the different colors into the fireworks? If you want yellow fire, do you add yellow paint to the mixture? No, that would not work. Instead, you need something that will burn with a yellow flame. Yellow flames are fairly common, but what about green flames or purple flames?