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How Heat Moves

This experiment comes from sitting in front of a wonderful fireplace. As someone that has never been a big fan of winter, it is great to have a toasty fire to keep warm at night. Watching the fireplace lead to thinking about heat and how it moves.

Bird on a Wire

One of the most frequent questions that I heard during my years of presenting my Watt is Electricity program was, "How can a bird sit on a powerline without being electrocuted?"

Why Fry?

This experiment is once again food related. I was preparing our evening meal as I was thinking about possibilities for experiments. As I cooked the turnips, turnip greens, yellow squash, and steamed potatoes, I considered several ideas. Then as I began to cook the hoe cakes, I knew what we would do. Hoe cakes are similar to cornbread. You add hot water to self-rising cornmeal to make a thick batter, which is spooned into a skillet of hot oil and cooked to a golden brown. Topped with some butter, they are delicious. This started me thinking about why we fry food in oil.