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Definition of a Mineral

OK, now that you know what the word "mineral" means to you, Let's see what it means to a geologist.

OK, so a mineral has a very specific definition. It must be:

  1. Naturally occurring
    Minerals cannot be man-made. Even if a substance is chemically the same as a mineral, if it is man-made, it is not a mineral.
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  2. Inorganic
    In geology, inorganic means "not part of a living thing." Bones, teeth, pearls, seashells, and amber were all produced by living things, so they are not minerals.
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  3. Solid
    Here we are talking about states of matter. Minerals cannot be liquids, gases, plasmas, etc. They must be solids.
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  4. Have a definite chemical formula
    Each mineral has its own chemical formula that does not change from one specimen to another.
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  5. Have an internal crystalline structure.
    Many minerals form crystals you can see, but all of them have molecules that are arranged in a crystalline structure.
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After taking the definition one piece at a time, it should be easy to decide if something is a mineral or not, right? Ready to give it a try? Try putting it all together.