Review Matter-1

Which of the following states of matter will change its shape to fit its container, but not its size?

  1. Solid

    No. Under normal pressure, solids do not change their shape or size to fit their container.
  2. Liquid

    Yes. Liquids will take on the shape of their container, but do not change their size.
  3. Gas

    No. Gases will expand to fill their container, taking on both its shape and size.
  4. Plasma

    No. Like gases, plasmas take on the size and shape of their container.

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SC.2.P.8.3 Recognize that solids have a definite shape and that liquids and gases take the shape of their container.

SC.5.P.8.1 Compare and contrast the basic properties of solids, liquids, and gases, such as mass, volume, color, texture, and temperature.

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SC.8.P.8.1 Explore the scientific theory of atoms (also known as atomic theory) by using models to explain the motion of particles in solids, liquids, and gases.


UT.5.I.2.a Identify the physical properties of matter (e.g., hard, soft, solid, liquid, gas).

UT.7.I.1.c Diagram the arrangement of particles in the physical states of matter (i.e., solid, liquid, gas).

UT.8.I.1.b Classify substances based on their chemical and physical properties (e.g., reacts with water, does not react with water, flammable or nonflammable, hard or soft, flexible or nonflexible, evaporates or melts at room temperature).