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What is Science?

Why do we have to study science? What good is it? For that matter, what is it? That question, "What is science?", is a very good one, and not easy to answer. Many different definitions have been proposed by different sources. After looking through many of them, I have tried to combine and distill them into a workable definition that we can use in our study of science.

OK, so for our purposes:

Science is an objective, self correcting method for gathering and organizing information about the natural world through repeated observation and experimentation.

As we have seen before, the easiest way to understand long definitions is to take them apart, and look at them bit by bit. Then, when we put them back together, they are easy to understand. We can look at those parts in any order, but there are some parts that make it easier to understand others, so we won't just go down the line. Instead, I suggest that you look at them in this order.