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Observation Answers

Spoiler Alert!

If you have not watched the Observation video, do that first, before reading this page.


Did you find all the changes?

00:10 - In closeup, I am wearing a different shirt. White buttons instead of brown, and the pockets are different.

00:15 - Banana from top of computer is gone.

00:30 - As I bite the candle, the lighter on the desk disappears.

00:46 - Lighter reappears

01:34 - In closeup, the extra bananas have moved onto the cutting board.

01:41 - Banana and seashell have appeared in front of the computer. I am wearing a different shirt (the one from the earlier closeup). The tarantula specimen and the crocodile skull have changed places on the shelf. There is a different candle holder, and the lighter and balloon have moved. There is a white paper towel on the side of the table.

02:14 - The knife is different. The pieces of banana are in different places.

02:20 - The knife has changed back. The picture on the computer screen has changed. The banana has moved onto the shelf by the tarantula specimen.

02:31 - In the closeup, the lighter is different.

02:36 - The banana is back in front of the computer. The picture on the computer screen has changed back to the original. The lighter is red again.

02:58 - The picture on the computer screen slowly begins to change color.