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Bird feeder and grass-like plants
We use a wide variety of food sources to attract wildlife to our yard. These goldfinches are enjoying thistle seeds. The oranges and watermelon are treats for the orioles and grosbeaks. The plants under the feeder are another food source. What kind of plants are they?


We have been finding these clusters of sprouts all around the yard. They are always the same kind of plant. What are they, and why do they grow this way?


This cabbage from our friends garden has leaves similar to the broccoli that I am growing. How closely related are they?


Plant with strange fruit
I found this strange plant growing in our yard, near the base of the cliff. It is closely related to a very familiar plant. What is it?


Corn and other genetically modified organisms, often called GMOs, have been in the news recently. Why do diabetics like GMOs?


White flower
Queen Anne's Lace is a common wildflower in the United States, but it is not native here. How was this plant introduced into the US?


Trees with yellow leaves
Although we have had several freezes, the leaves here are just starting to change. Every year, the leaves start changing colors in the North first, and then the color change spreads South. This is not due to the temperature. What causes it?