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Pine Cone Weather

Back in the dark ages, when I was in school, we used human hair to construct a hygrometer for measuring the humidity in the air. Since hair counts as "human tissue", many schools are not able to make hair hygrometers, but you can build a nice hygrometer using a pinecone instead of a hair.

To do this, you will need:

Square in the Grass

This activity is one that I use for Schoolyard Ecology workshops. It is a great warm up for getting people to slow down and really look at the world around them. Once they do, they are amazed at all of the things they have been missing, and they never look at a lawn in the same way again.

Smell the Flowers

The idea for this experiment comes from my wife, Nancy. I was sitting here at the computer, trying to decide what to write about when Nancy made a comment about how good the flowers on the table smelled. Nancy loves flowers, and always has lots of them around the house. That one whiff and this activity practically wrote itself.