These flowers can tell us something important about the place they are growing. What is it?


Nancy, Junie Moon, and I spent a day in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. I used my macro lens for this special photo of what might be the last thing that an insect ever sees. What is it? Hint: Notice the green color of the light coming through the sides, and remember that this was taken in a swamp.


This is a Pitcher Plant. The leaves form long, hollow tubes, that bend over at the top to form insect traps. Why do the insects go in, and why does the plant want the insects to go in?


I photographed this unusual tree in a park in Jacksonville, Florida. The orange things are ripe fruit, and the green ones are fruit. What is this tree, and why is considered to be an undesirable, invasive species?


This is one of Nancy's flowers which was supposed to be completely red. A genetic mutation has caused parts of the flower to be white instead. How common are genetic mutations?