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Unlike most lizards, this gecko does not have eyelids. What special adaptations does it have to deal with this?


The light was dim, so I did not get a very good shot, but its enough to identify him. What is he?


We spotted this beautiful spider crossing the road. Why are tarantulas called tarantulas?


If you look closely, you can see that these are bats. How do they keep from bumping into each other when they are all flying together?


Every morning, a huge flock of these beautiful birds visits us on their daily journey around the canyon. They have very specially adapted noses. What is so special about them?


I photographed this Mule Deer at Bryce Canyon National Park. What is this deer doing that mice and horses can, but pigs, cats, dogs, raccoons, and many other animals can't?


The Common Raven is often a scavenger, but its beak is not strong enough to tear through the thick hide of a winter-killed deer. What clever trick does it often use to get at the nutritious flesh inside?