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On my drive to Kingman today, I passed lots of saguaro cactus, but was not lucky enough to find "saguaro boot". What is that?


What is the main difference between a Homing Pigeon and the Pigeons you see hanging around most city parks?


In many parts of the world, pigs are used to locate truffles. Dogs can be trained to find truffles, but pigs find them with no training at all. Why are pigs so good at finding them?


We have discussed in the past that butterflies taste with their feet, and hear sounds with their wings. How do they smell?


I took this shot at Rattlesnake Springs in New Mexico. Although it was nearly 10:00 AM on this cloudy day, hundreds of vultures where still roosting in the trees. What were they waiting for?


The Cheetah is the world's fastest land animal. What is the second fastest land animal?