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Food Web Tag

Grasshopper on flower

Food Web Tag is a classic game that helps people understand how food webs work, letting them see how changing one thing can cause changes across the food web. You can play with as few as 5or 6 people, but it is much better if you have at least 15. To try this, you will need:

Bird Bones

One of the important ways that we learn about anatomy is by dissection. The word "dissection: may make you think of dead frogs in bottles of preservative, but you probably dissect things frequently. You just don't think of it as dissection. Instead, you think of it as dinner.


Nancy found this injured bat on the road to our house. We rescued it, and took it to the wildlife rehab center at Best Friends. You have probably heard the old saying that someone is "blind as a bat." How well do bats actually see?


Bird feeder and grass-like plants
We use a wide variety of food sources to attract wildlife to our yard. These goldfinches are enjoying thistle seeds. The oranges and watermelon are treats for the orioles and grosbeaks. The plants under the feeder are another food source. What kind of plants are they?


Rufous Hummingbird
I took this photo of a female Rufous Hummingbird at our bird feeder today. Why are hummingbird feeders red?


Strange arthropod
This strange creature showed up in my office today. If you found one in your house, what should you do?


Bullock's Oriole
We have quite a few of these birds visiting our garden. They are specially adapted for avoiding a specific parasite. What is the bird, and how does it avoid the parasite?