Cat Wiggles

If you have ever watched a cat preparing to pounce on its favorite toy, you may have seen it wiggle its back legs from side to side just before it leaps. Why do they do that? It would seem that the movement would alert their prey, so there has to be a good reason for the behavior. To understand that, we need to learn a bit about muscles and tendons.

Cat Lapping

This experiment comes from a recent event in the science news. Researches have discovered that cats drink in a very different way from dogs and other mammals. Now you might think that things like this had been completely explored decades or even centuries ago, but high speed photography has shown us things that we did not suspect before.

New Lens For My Camera!

A Coopers Hawk over our garden.

The past few months have been a challenge, dealing with the fatigue from my bout with Epstein Barr. I am trying to get more exercise to get my strength back, so Nancy suggested that I get a new lens for my camera to encourage me to spend more time walking. My favorite telephoto lens had finally worn out about 18 months ago, so I got a new Nikkor 80-400 mm telephoto lens. I have been giving it a good workout, and REALLY like it.

Making Butter

If you have never made your own butter, you REALLY need to try this. It is easy to do, and very tasty. Be sure to have some fresh bread handy, because you are going to want it.


This skull has a very strong, sentimental value to me. It is on display at the Memphis Pink Palace Museum. What kind of skull is it?


This little bird was enjoying our feeder today. In spite of their small size, these birds often dive and peck on raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, and even people. Why?