Trip to Town

Bald Eagle, a visitor to our canyon.

Because of our rural location, a trip to town for groceries is also a delightful opportunity for photography. Today was no exception. I managed to capture a few shots of the Bald Eagles that are winter visitors to the canyon. It would have been nice if they had come closer, but it was still a treat. No matter how often I see them, I still love watching them.

Bird Behavior

Scrub jay at our feeder.

I got the idea for this experiment while watching the sand hill cranes feeding in the fields around Hastings, Nebraska. To most people, bird watching means trying to identify different kinds of birds. Really, that is bird spotting. Bird watching means finding a bird and watching it, to see what it is doing.

A Walk in the Park

Now that we live in Johnson Canyon, Utah, we have all sorts of wildlife wandering through our yard, but we saw plenty of wildlife even when we lived in the city. All it takes is a walk to the neighborhood park.


I photographed these young Barred Owls in a park in Jacksonville, Florida. They nest nearby, and I was hoping to find some owl pellets. What is an owl pellet?