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Cartesian Diver video, ClosedCaptions mass, states of matter, properties, density, engineering, structure and function, expand/contract, water
Experimenting with Dry Ice video Halloween, states of matter, thermal energy, physical-chemical change, matter
Measuring Lightning video observation, thermal energy, weather, light, water cycle, information processing, pressure, expand/contract, misconceptions, sound, waves, measurement
A Grass Whistle video engineering, structure and function, sound, waves, force and interactions
Electricity video static electricity, electricity, attract/repel, energy
Feathers video adaptation, engineering, birds, body covering, structure and function, force and interactions
Milk Bubbles video solution, surface tension, critical thinking, properties, pressure, structure and function, mixture, water
Doppler Effect video senses, model, sound, waves, force and interactions
Matter video mass, properties, classification, matter
Why is Foam White? video observation, refraction, model, reflection, light, structure and function, misconceptions, waves
The Science of Flutes video sound, waves, energy
About Microwaves video Variables and controls, critical thinking, cycles, thermal energy, engineering, electricity, misconceptions, waves, energy
The Compass and Magnetic Fields video, ClosedCaptions magnetism, attract/repel, force and interactions
Making a Density Column video mass, density, measurement
Blowing Out a Candle video critical thinking, observation, reaction, combustion, motion, properties, misconceptions, force and interactions
Sunprints video light, energy
Floating Cups video newton's laws, Variables and controls, critical thinking, inertia, observation, engineering, friction, pressure, structure and function, misconceptions, investigations and experiments, hypothesis, theory, and law, force and interactions, energy
Color of a Flame video reaction, combustion, thermal energy, light
Microwave Chocolate video observation, cycles, thermal energy, engineering, light, electricity, waves, measurement, energy
Science of Credit Cards video magnetism
The Difference Between Weight and Mass video mass, earth, inertia, model, properties, moon, gravity, misconceptions, solar system, measurement, force and interactions, matter
Minerals: Fracture video, learnalong properties, structure and function, classification, minerals, measurement, crystals
Fireworks Colors video Fireworks, Holiday, critical thinking, combustion, properties, light, periodic table, element, indicator
Wrong Way Balloon video Illusions and Tricks, kinetic/potential, mass, critical thinking, inertia, observation, motion, properties, density, force and interactions, energy
Measuring Calories video, ClosedCaptions Variables and controls, thermal energy, digestive system, human body, measurement, investigations and experiments, energy
Scientific Thinking and Creative Thought, part 3 video Variables and controls, critical thinking, observation, reaction, combustion, thermal energy, engineering, pressure, expand/contract, investigations and experiments, physical-chemical change
A Boat Full of Holesvideo about surface tension video surface tension, density, investigations and experiments, water
Density: Ice, Oil, and Water video mass, properties, density
Calling a Woodpecker video Impact of humans, senses, critical thinking, observation, vertebrates, behavior, birds, information processing, sound, waves, animals
Scientific Thinking and Creative Thought, part 1 video Variables and controls, critical thinking, observation, reaction, thermal energy, misconceptions, investigations and experiments